I'll admit it, I still like it when people say “You were right”, but I'm much more thankful for every time that I learned I was wrong, and every time I learned that I wasn't nearly as clever as I thought I was. Every one of these occurrences lead me to dig deeper and learn and grow, and without that I wouldn't be in a position to prove those wrong who told me “You'll never make it” and “You have too high hopes”, “The worlds is going to crush you”, etc.

When I was young, old people used to think that I had some very odd ideas and told me “You'll change your mind about this as you get older”. I'm glad that as I did get older, many of my thoughts that might have been considered rebellious or liberal have not only evolved and grown over time, but has increasingly been validated by the big thinkers of the world who care for and want to improve humanity.

Today was tough, but tomorrow will be better.